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2000 Honda RC-51

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  2000 Honda RC-51
New/Used: Used Style: Super Sport
Year: 2000 Color: Red
Make: Honda Mileage: 12000
Model: RC-51 Stock #: 022909
Model Name: Price: $8,995.00
2000 Honda VTR1000S RC51

The all-new Honda RC51 is destined to dominate Superbike racing the world over. This incredible V-twin introduces a new chapter in Honda’s storied racing legacy. Now, affordable world-class racing performance is available to enthusiasts seeking the most powerful, best-handling production-based Superbike.

Features & Benefits

Exclusive Features
The RC51 ram-air engine is engineered to dominate Superbike competition.
Prodigious power is produced across a broad engine-rpm band, peaking with 130 bhp at 9500 rpm and 71 lb./ft. of torque at 8000 rpm in street-legal trim.
Completely new twin-spar extruded aluminum frame features a modified Pro Frame™ design utilizing a combined swingarm pivot that incorporates both engine-crankcase and frame-mounted swingarm pivot points.
Advanced, high-pressure programmed fuel injection (PGM-FI) with two injectors per cylinder and electronic digital ignition maximize power output and offer immediate throttle response in any gear.
Distinctive bodywork features a dual-headlight design, a narrow-profile fuel tank and a single-piece tail section.
Three optional HRC Racing Kits upgrade the RC51 engine and suspension for race track competition.

999cc DOHC eight-valve 90-degree V-twin engine is specially designed to withstand the rigors of Superbike competition.
Centrally mounted ram-air intake duct routes cool, pressurized air directly through the frame’s steering head structure to the 10-liter airbox, improving intake efficiency while slimming the aerodynamic profile. The ram-air duct doubles as a front cowl stay, shaving 12 ounces off of a conventional mounting system.
Each cylinder head features large, 40mm intake and 34mm exhaust valves with a 24-degree included valve angle. This provides a short, direct path for the air/fuel charge entering the combustion chamber and results in high power output.
Gear-driven camshafts utilize three-axis drive gears to maintain accurate valve timing and durability at sustained high engine speeds.
Innovative head gaskets minimize distortion caused by head bolt tightening, improving sealing performance and maintaining combustion pressure for consistent high power output in competition conditions.
Direct shim-under-bucket valve actuation system ensures high-rpm durability, and allows 16,000-mile valve maintenance intervals.
High-pressure programmed fuel injection (PGM-FI) delivers fuel at 50 psi to two injectors per cylinder, mounted opposite each other in huge, 54mm throttle bodies. Fuel is delivered through four nozzle tips in each injector, producing a very fine spray and a highly combustible air/fuel charge for maximum combustion efficiency and power output.
Cast aluminum pistons are screen-printed with solid LUB-Coat finish to minimize friction between the piston and cylinder wall.
RC45™-inspired aluminum composite cylinder sleeves are high-pressure-formed from sintered aluminum powder impregnated with ceramic and graphite. The lightweight composite sleeves provide better wear resistance and superior heat dissipation compared to conventional sleeves.
Nutless connecting rods feature bolts threaded directly into tapped holes in rods. Design is lighter than conventional bolt-and-nut combination. Carburized rods provide strength and durability under high loads.
Crankshaft center lubrication system carries oil to main and connecting rod bearings through passages in the crankshaft as well as conventional journals, allowing lower main gallery oil pressure and a smaller oil pump design, consuming less horsepower at high engine speeds.
Electronic CPU provides digital 3-D fuel injection and ignition maps for each cylinder, creating ideal fuel mixture and spark advance settings for maximum power and throttle response.
Iridium-tipped spark plugs require less voltage and maintain ignition performance in demanding conditions.
Side-mounted dual radiators utilize low pressure of airflow passing over outer surfac
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